Saturday, 26 November 2011

We’re Always Searching For New Ways to Pass The Time

I have found the ultimate shopping wish list online experience. FantasyShopper is an online shopping experience with a difference, no real money passes hands. Imagine buying your dream item, styling an outfit, (digital) window shopping and getting paid to do so. Well on Fantasy Shopper you do, sort of. While your online, you can collect your Fantasy cash, in your Pay Day. You can then use your Fantasy cash to ‘buy’ items from the online shops on the site, these inculde, A/Ware, New Look, Office to name a few. Your new items are then stored in your online wardrobe, which other users can view, and even choose you follow you if they like your style. You can use your items from your wardrobe to style outfit for events, this too earns your extra Fantasy cash. Once your completely caught up in the world of Fantasy Shopper (like I now am.) you can share your outfits, wardrobe, new purchases with your friends on Facebook or twitter.

“But whats the point?” I can hear you all say, I think anyway, that this is the new way to plan that party outfit, browse the online stores before dipping into your bank account, your real life one that is. I’m deffinfitly going to be using Fantasy Shopper as my new online style wish list.

I’m hocked, why not have a look for yourself.

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