Monday, 21 November 2011

What's In My Bag

So one of the reasons I decided to start this blog because I’m personally slightly obsessed with reading other style blogs, and watching style you tube videos. One of the topics I can’t get enough of is ‘whats in my bag’ I am aware this maybe revels a slightly nosey side to my personality, but I’m ok with that. Therefore I decided to, some what jump straight in with this post, so let me begin;

The Bag: my current bag is this red/burgundy LYDC over shoulder bag. I actually received this bag as a gift from my brother, but I’m sure he will have bought it online.

The Content: I realise this seems like a lot of things for a semi-small but I honestly would be lost without all these things. I’ll just work my way from top-left to bottom-right.

Since I live in Scotland and its Winter I’ve started carry around a basic pair of black mittin gloves, and of course because of scotland I have a compact umbrella. | Purple UrbanEars headphone, I have a slight obsession with headphones I won far too many, but these are my favourite. | My glasses case, actually this is always empty since I wear my glasses but I like to keep it handy. | Black Sqaure Notebook, I’m always taking notes or drawing things so this is handy(just noticed my pen has gone missing..) | iPhone, currently I have a cross-stich case, but I’ve not got round to putting on anything other than Jen. | BeatsByDre Headphone case, I have the Monster in-ear headphones, and I just love the case they came in it’s super handy to store them in, and I also keep my iPod shuffle in there too. | Work Diary, this is my dairy for work it has blow up picture of what my business cards look like on the front, sadly this is a bit too full at the moment, busy busy. | Keys (again just noticed my car keys are missings, oh dear) | PeanutButter& Jelly Hand Sanitizer Gel from Bath&Body Works, I brought this back from my last trip to Canada, it seems nothing like peanutbutter&jelly but it actually hang on the side of my bag, which is perfect so it’s always to hand. | Comb and Box of Kirbies. | 2x Lip Blam, Johnstones and Vitamin Stick. (oh and there was a random blister plaster in there too) | Compact Mirror. | Ness Tarten Purse, I love most ness items and that couts for my purse, its rather large but I seem to need it because its full. | Besty Jackson Sunglasses, I realise this seems strange since I also have gloves and an umbrella but I mainly need these for driving in the morning, when we do get some sun that it.

Well that’s everything, I hope you all enjoyed that. If you would like to know where to get any of these items, just leave a comment I’ll get back to you.

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