Monday, 28 November 2011

Dressember: all dressed up and nowhere to go.

(image via EleganceHunter)

Long gone are the days when a Lady was expected to wear a formal dress and present themselves in the correct manner. Not that Im complaining of course, I love the freedom of current fashion and style, and Im partial to the odd jeans and hoodie day.

But when you really think about it, how often fo you don a dress, other than that special occasion. Well thats where the idea of Dressember comes from, I heard about Dressember from another fashion bloggers site, ForeverAmber. Amber took on the challenge of wearing a dress everyday in December of last year, and she has some great images to prove how well she did, check them out on her site. Dressember has now grown and grown with many females attempting the challenge, there is even a Facebook Group where, if you decided to get involved you can post your pictures or just show your intrest. You can find Dressember all over the internet with a simple google search, I’d suggest a look at the Flickr group for some dressy inspiration.

So, Dressember, it got me thinking…personally I love buying dresses, maybe even a little more than I love wearing them. So it looks like I’m the perfect candidate. Sadly due to the nature of my job it’s not really practical for me to wear a dress everyday of December. But I’m definitely keen to get involved, so heres my plan. I’ve decided my input for Dressember with be, at least, one dress outfit each week. You will be able to keep up to date with my personal Dressember here on the blog, I’ll post a weekly update for you all.

Let me know if you too are doning a dress for Dressember, enjoy.

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