Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sometimes we don’t even get the choice

Sadly that’s one of the down sides to living in Scotland, our weather often doesn’t even give us a choice about what we wear. For example, today Scotland was issued with a Red Weather warning, apparently we saw winds of up to 90mph. St Andrews, where I live, wasn’t the worst hit but we still had it pretty bad, my garden even lost a tree.

So due to the crazy Scottish weather, of which today it was most definitely crazy. We just don’t get the chance to wear that super cute new jacket we own. Today I had no other choice but to pull out my Roxy Snowboarding Jacket, (and matching hat of course) to allow me to brave the outdoors.

But in all honestly, I guess this is where Secret-Style really comes into play. Even when I have to wear the snow gear, (which is mainly on the slopes, where looking good it still high on my list of priorities) I’m all about the colours, prints and matching items. So stay strong this chilly winter, wrap up warm, but don’t forget to do it with style.

( Jacket and Hat : Roxy by Quicksilver )

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