Monday, 19 December 2011

Dressember: “Falling From Grace”

Well, it happened. Dressember got the better of me. With work and everything festive-time related I just couldn't keep to my Dressember promise. As I said when I first started dressember there was absolutely no chance of me being able to wear a dress for everyday of December, so I decided to aim for at least one or two dress outfits a week. For the first few weeks of December I was really enjoying the challenge, I really love wearing dresses, I just never usually get the chance to, it's just not practical with my work.

So I'm sorry that I couldn't complete the challenge, and honestly I'm a little bit gutted. I would say that I have definitely learned to push myself a bit more when it comes to choosing an outfit. So keep you eye pealed for more dress outfits in the future.

Best of luck to rest of you taking part in Dressember, and Merry Christmas to everyone.

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