Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pointless Portrait.

welcome to pointless portraits, I’ll be honest with you all, I’ve slightly stolen this idea off a blog I’m a big fan of, check her out. Lily does a great Sunday Portrait theme, where you get a great portrait and a little weekly round up. So I’ll be honest again and admit I’m one of those shameless photographers who loves taking their own pictures, but i rarely share them with anyone, so Pointless portrait is a killing two birds situation. I’ll post one of my many self portraits from the week, often these will be on set from work, or at home as a distraction from work, and I’ll also give a little round up of things I’ve been doing. So here I goes,

week1. This week has been a busy week for me, the start of dressember (I’ll upload my weekly update tomorrow at some-point, promise) and a crazy week at work. Lately I’ve taken the oppertunity to use the forth coming christmas period to get back into taking portraits, so the past few weeks have been filled with family portrait shoots. I’ve had a great time meeting new smiling little friends and capturing memoires for families to keep. This week has also brought with it the start of my christmas stress, I haven’t even thought about presents yet, let along purchased anything, must be better prepared this year.(very last minute shopping last year.) Well I hope you are all getting festive, don’t forget to wrap up warm, the snow is on its way…

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